Monday-Friday: Parking Info

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So I’ve made a minor mistake when I said that Q lot was available to park during the day. It’s only for students during business hours, so the best places are:
– the “Toonie Lot” ($2.50 for two hours, $5 for the whole day) and
– the parkade beside Helen Glass (Between 6am-6pm: $1.75 for each half-hour for that one hour, $2 for each additional hour or portion thereof; DAILY MAXIMUM: $10).

Please click on link below to go to the interactive map (move cursor over a parking area for more information).


In summary:

* For Monday-Wednesday for GAP and Friday for the Intensive Training (aka parking during the day):
– best to park in the Toonie Lot or Parkade

* For Thursday’s presentation (aka the evening, after 4:30pm)
– you can park practically anywhere for free, except for in Chancellor’s Circle, which costs $4 after 4:30pm


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