Coming *Really* Soon: Tree of Life Kick-Off

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Next week! From 12:00-1:30pm on Wednesday at the Fireside Lounge in University Centre, there will be a live band playing Christmas carols, all to kick-off a donation drive to collect items for local single, pregnant women. Come and join us, and donate to support pregnant women!

Suggested items:
* Dishes
* Glasses
* Cutlery
* Bakeware
* Cooking utensils
* Coffee maker
* Toaster
* Pots and pans
* Diapers and baby wipes
* Baby clothes
* Bibs, receiving blankets, quilts
* Personal items for moms such as body lotion, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, body wash, soap
* Casual maternity clothes
* nursing bras
* nursing pads
* maxi pads
* Baby slings
* Strollers, Cribs (purchased after 1989)
* Household items such as utensils, glassware, cookware, baking supplies, casserole dishes etc.
* Laundry baskets, wastepaper baskets
* hangers
* blank calendars for current or next year
* clock radios
* fans, heaters


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