Publication: The Unborn Child

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The unborn child – a gift, a treasure, a promise – A reflection on abortion

Is the unborn child human? When does life begin? What does science say?  Is abortion a right? Does abortion affect the lives of women? Are there alternatives to abortion? In this beautifully illustrated brochure, the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) answers these questions and many others in a very accessible style.

Faced with the legal vacuum which permits the elimination of  some 100, 000 future Canadians every year, COLF takes a straight forward, honest and yet pastoral approach based on the Catholic Church’s teaching on this extremely difficult issue: a piercing examination devoid of condemnation and full of compassion for women confronted with unplanned pregnancies or already victims of abortion. This is an invitation to work together to build a more humane society based on a true culture of life.

COLF proposes this publication to anyone with a heartfelt desire to help their family, their students, colleagues and friends discover that life is the greatest of gifts and the first of all human rights.

As a complement to this publication, a workshop guide — designed to assist those who wish to deepen their understanding of this issue — is available for download here .


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